What would a tool optimized for decision makers mean for your real estate business?

The driving force behind the digitization of the property sector is mainly attributed to the need for resource efficiency and a reduced use of media (energy and water) in our buildings.

The people active in the industry need to do our part to contribute to reducing the climate footprint and create profitable sustainability solutions.

How do we get the greatest effect from digitization in terms of business benefit?

Navigating the complex world of energy and technology as a layperson is in many cases difficult. In addition, being able to make quick and well-founded decisions in real time is basically an impossibility without expert help today. Even with a large amount of data collected, analyzed, and optimized from buildings presented in intuitive environments, it is not always easy to sort the information and transform it into actionable actions.

Until now.

With the launch of our platform Propmate, we can now offer the market the next generation of energy, follow-up, and sustainability systems for the real estate sector. Propmate is specifically designed and optimized to help organizations at all levels become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

How do we accomplish this?

A module in Propmate gives our customers access to a digital operations and energy expert who can work around the clock. As a decision maker, you can effectively manage complex situations by leveraging the platform’s insights tailored to your building’s situation.

This saves considerable time and reduces the need for competence to be able to draw conclusions and arrive at expert-based decisions.

Here are three examples of how Propmate provides great value at the executive level:

✓ Analyzes the entire stock at the same time and draws your attention to what requires the most focus right now

✓ Creates relevant action/investment proposals with estimated payback time

✓ AI control based on savings targets (e.g. green financing, environmental certifications and ESG)

Do you want to read more about Propmate and how we can get your business to benefit from next-generation real estate solutions? Go to www.abentor.se or contact us via our email info@abentor.se

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