The proptech boom is giving birth to new innovations

Climate change drives development forward and new innovations in the real estate sector must be brought in for a faster and more efficient modernization of real estate. Abentor innovation has now launched the first version of Propmate, the market leading Proptech platform that makes you as a real estate owner unlimited and independent of expensive expertise.

-The pursued policy and the general interest in environmental and sustainability issues is the driving reason for a changeover that involves reduced energy consumption and emissions. If an acceptable pace is to be maintained, a really challenging digitization and efficiency work is ahead of us with today’s technology, says Robert Modrusan, founder of Abentor.

In addition to demands for reduced CO₂ emissions and events in the outside world that cause electricity prices to skyrocket, the property owner’s need to reduce their energy costs is immediate. The will to change is there, but previous Proptech solutions have too outdated technology or are based on outdated technical platforms.

-Today’s technology creates bottlenecks that make it difficult to integrate information. New technology must be added seamlessly and without major efforts, functions such as accounting software, operating software, and bulletin boards can function without requiring a lot of unnecessary hand-holding or expert help, says Robert Modrusan

Together with colleague Per Jutner, Robert Modrusan founded the innovation company Abentor. Both founders have long and solid experience in management, new production, operation, and property technology. With that synergy, they have worked to identify the technological leaps that the real estate industry needs.

-In addition to the technology having to be replaced, the knowledge requirements of those who will carry out the work are too high – which creates inertia in the transition. It is something that must be fixed, says Robert Modrusan.

With smart technology, the requirements for competence can be lowered and in this way, we will reach the number of people required for an acceptable changeover speed, says Robert Modrusan. Otherwise, it can take between 10-15 years or more for the large mass to adjust. The technology solution developed by Abentor enables the building to think for itself, draw conclusions and communicate with its surroundings. The property now does the work for you and explains itself where the biggest payment potentials lie.

-We have developed a completely new technology that works right down to the sensor level. The technology works unaffected all the way with a much higher communication speed and always based on the property owner’s needs. The business benefit of the property owners has been a priority for us when we produce new solutions, explains Robert.

Conscious integrations and installations are necessary to keep the payback time at a reasonable level. By moving the technology into the property, the property owner can now own all their information, which facilitates the continued work with the expansion of the systems.

-With the “in-house” technology, the number of cloud services and subscriptions is kept down, which becomes more cost-effective for a property owner. The information is instead collected in a local cloud service, so-called Fog Cloud, which also provides full control over the work with security and GDPR.

With the help of sensor technology, the systems have full control of what is needed in a property. Whoever manages the system should not have to spend time on questions or troubleshooting.

-It’s like a self-playing piano. If something happens, you shouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure out who to contact to solve a problem. With our platform, you have already received suggestions on who to contact.

By programming the computers with the right inputs, they become completely superior. In Propmate, the sensors can work with tens of thousands of questions at the same time about everything related to the property.

-The system used today does not act on 99% of all information available. There is a large upside and optimization potential that is not fully utilized. Therefore, a completely new type of technology is needed that can visualize the capacity of the information. We make the difficult easy, says Robert Modrusan

The platform includes everything from weather measurements from SMHI, residential apps, lock functions, digital operation, individual media measurements, energy, and climate flow and much more. The information is collected through collaborations with our partners, open APIs and above all through our own technical solutions.

-The information sent from the platform is not only done via active request, but our technology also ensures that the platform sends out information that the property owners should also be interested in, says Robert Modrusan.

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