Set higher demands on cyber security in the digital real estate world

The ongoing digital transformation in the real estate industry has led to a significant increase in data generation and data storage. Property owners and managers can now utilize extensive information to optimize the operation and efficiency of their properties. However, with increased digitization, the need for robust and reliable cyber security will play a more central role.

Properties are increasingly connected and data intensive. Everything from energy use to maintenance logs and residential apps generate a huge amount of data. This data is invaluable in improving efficiency, cost control and user experience. However, if this data is compromised through a security breach, the consequences can be far-reaching. Financial loss, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and in the worst case, lack of privacy protection.

This is where cyber security comes into play. A robust and well-thought-out cyber security system is no longer a choice but should be a necessity for all players in the real estate industry. However, creating such a system can be challenging, especially for smaller property owners who may not have access to the resources and expertise needed.

Abentor take these concerns very seriously. We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ data and ensuring the integrity of their real estate operations. Cybersecurity is something that permeates our entire ecosystem of technology solutions that give property owners full ownership and control over their own data.

We manage some of our technology in-house for strategic reasons, which means a reduced dependence on several external cloud services to manage and store data. This not only gives our customers full control, but also ensures they can take the data with them if they need it in the future, on their own terms.

We have developed a system that combines the advantages of cloud services, such as flexibility and scalability, with the advantages of in-house solutions, such as security and control. Our system is designed to be robust against potential cyber and insider threats, while allowing for efficient and user-friendly data management.

With us, property owners can benefit from the advantages of digitization, without compromising on security. We believe that secure, controlled, and efficient data management is the key to success in the increasingly digital real estate industry.

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