Propmate: The key to Green Financing for your buildings

In the increasingly environmentally conscious age we live in, sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity. Property owners and managers face increasing demands to improve the environmental performance of their buildings. In this area, our platform Propmate can be of great benefit and support property owners in meeting the criteria for green financing.

Propmate uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to support sustainability work. The platform will give property owners and managers the opportunity to follow up, manage and forecast the property portfolio’s sustainability performance, with the overall goal of meeting the requirements for green financing.

We first produce a detailed analysis of the property’s current status and then create goals and criteria to be achieved to enable green financing. By controlling all energy flows and resource users in real time, Propmate will help steer the property towards these goals. When all the criteria are met, we see the possibility of the platform sending a notice to the user that the building now meets all the requirements to achieve green financing.

There are several benefits to achieving improved financing for one’s buildings. First, financing is often cheaper. Many banks and financial institutions now offer lower interest rates for projects that meet green criteria. Second, the building becomes more attractive and more highly valued. A green certified building can attract more tenants and can potentially sell for a higher price in the future. Finally, but certainly not least, there are the environmental benefits that come as a result of the reduced resource use.

Abentor is an innovation company that strives to create intelligent buildings that give decision makers the right conditions to make informed decisions in real time. Our platform contributes to increased automation, improved net operating income and reduced climate impact.

By simplifying the path to green financing, Propmate helps property owners contribute to a sustainable future. We make it possible to make well-founded and efficient decisions that benefit both the economy and the environment. With Propmate, green financing is not only possible, but within reach.

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