Propmate creates security for the administration with its all-in-one solution.

As the industry’s innovator, Propmate is changing the game plan for how a complete proptech platform should work. The platform offers a range of advantages for managers, property companies, engineers, and property owners. By efficiently bringing together real-time data, action proposals, environmental certifications and much more, Propmate creates a foundation for better decision-making and resource efficiency. In this article, we will explore how Propmate’s features can help management optimize energy use, facilitate communication between stakeholders, facilitate technical document management and offer valuable insights to achieve a more sustainable and profitable property management.

  1. Real-time updated energy declaration and proposed measures

Propmate gives various stakeholders, including managers and property owners, access to real-time updated energy declarations. This means that all parties involved get a clear picture of the building’s current (and historical) energy performance and can make informed decisions about measures. The manager, who often has budget responsibility for planned renovations and changes, can benefit from the action proposals generated by Propmate.

  1. Support for technicians and operations managers

Technicians and operations managers can use Propmate to make decisions about which actions will have the most impact. The tool has modules that facilitate planning, performance measurement and strategy formulation, facilitating communication all the way to decision makers. Examples of how technicians and operations managers can be supported by Propmate are:

– Connected operating routines such as filter changes

– Speed to act – Propmate collects the most critical events in your inventory and ranks them according to the desired priority

– Remote control, monitoring, and measurement for maximum control

  1. Environmental certifications and green financing

The administration can greatly benefit from the platform’s support for environmental certifications and green financing. Propmate helps identify and propose actions that guide building performance towards achieving the requirements for these types of labels, which in turn lead to lower costs, increased property values and greener properties. We want to make it as easy as possible to act sustainably.

  1. Deviation management and 3D models

Propmate takes care of digital non-conformance management that streamlines and automates many of the processes involved in identifying, reporting, and remediating non-conformities. This reduces manual workload and enables management to focus on more value-creating tasks. In Propmate there is also the option for customized 3D models of your buildings in a virtual environment. In this way, the position of the current deviation is identified, and it becomes easier to draw conclusions.

  1. Easy access for third-party information and documentation

Propmate collects all relevant information and technical documentation in one place, making it easy for management to find and use the information with a third party. For example, on-call staff can receive guidance on where an appliance cabinet is located, get access to one-time codes for relevant doors or retrieve information to other systems via open APIs.

  1. Optimized action proposals and profitability tools

Management can greatly benefit from the action proposals generated by Propmate. The proposals are immediately ready for review by management and decision makers. In addition, the system offers profitability weighting optimized for the real estate industry, which allows the user to work with parameters affecting the potential description. Propmate thus helps you to forecast an investment effect before it is carried out.

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