Navigating the Proptech jungle: Business Arena Talks podcast

Barely a week has passed since Business Arena 2023 was held in Stockholm. At the scene was, among other things, our CEO and Co-founder, Robert Modrusan, who proudly represented Abentor Innovation in the podcast “Business Arena Talks”.

In an insightful conversation, Robert, together with other prominent actors, explored the complex question: “Why am I standing in this jungle?” They discussed opportunities to make our properties more efficient with new technology, particularly with a focus on energy and sustainability. But how do you navigate among all the options, and how do property owners and proptech companies’ reason to meet in the best way? At a time when investing can feel risky, the conversation provides insight into how strategic decisions can lead to long-term cost savings and how smart technology can turn data into real-time actionable decisions.

For anyone interested in the future of real estate technology, the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, this is an episode not to be missed.

An excerpt from the podcast: “By using both technology, engineering and measurement data, we can present action proposals in real time, deliver energy declarations to property owners in real time and work more effectively with ESG issues, for example. We as a community need to agree on where we are going” – Robert Modrusan.

Link to the podcast:

We extend an extra big thank you to Business Arena, conversation leader Anna Kullendorff from Humlegården, Ellen Z Westerlund from Mestro and Andreas Kallebo from Myrspoven for a good and fruitful conversation.

Happy listening!


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