How do we solve the lack of skills in digital technology for real estate?

In the real estate industry, we are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency while offering a better and broader service to our customers. In recent years, technology has become increasingly intertwined with buildings and their management. The integration of proptech has become a necessity for companies to be sustainable in both the short and long term. This has brought a completely new track in the real estate industry with new data-driven solutions, to a non-data-driven industry. The increasing complexity of technology makes it difficult for many companies to take full advantage of the possibilities of digitization.

What is causing the problem?

Implementation of smart technology is only justified if it brings business benefit. It doesn’t really matter how smart and efficient proptech solutions are if there isn’t enough expertise to manage and act on the information. The solution to this problem is not always obvious, if the industry continues its current path there is a great risk that it will take decades before we reach the number of people required to catch up.

Is the bottleneck in the number of individuals or in the technical solutions?

There is no doubt that there is will and motivation to make buildings more efficient. The need to reduce operating costs and environmental impact is immediate, so new technical solutions must be added for the transition to take place at an acceptable pace.

– Today’s approach creates bottlenecks that make it difficult to integrate technology that could revolutionize the real estate industry. New smarter technology must be brought in that seamlessly and without major efforts gives a great effect in organizations’ work with energy and sustainability issues via proptech, says Robert Modrusan, CTO at Abentor Innovation

What happens if we attack the competency issue from the other side? How do we make the technology more user-friendly for non-experts?

At Abentor, we drive change by being responsive to customers’ needs. We are experts in creating complete systems that are easy to interact with. In this way, the need for external expertise is reduced and the effect of digitization can be seen more quickly.

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