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We transform complex data into instant, profitable actions
with digital advisory, leading to healthier buildings and
growing returns.

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Actionable Insights at Your Service

Whether adjusting heating schedules or identifying underperforming assets,
our digital advisor pinpoints key opportunities, driving significant energy savings and operational excellence.

Synchronized Efficiency

Harmonize resource use with spot market trends and custom-fit each building's conditions.

Operational Chess Master

Go beyond confusing data. Unlock your best next move with strategic insights

Green by Design

Stay compliant and aligned with the latest environmental regulations and guidelines.

För varje HVAC-system

Accelerate decisions that matter

Speed up your decision-making with digital advisory. Instantly uncover profitable opportunities, guiding you to prioritize effectively for your building portfolio.

Lönsamhet i fokus

Gain stability in the unpredictable

We worried about market volatility, so you don’t have to. From navigating new regulations to adapting to shifting energy prices, we ensure you stay agile and ahead.

Hållbarhet och skalbarhet

Track future prosperity and sustainability

What if you could forecast your building’s performance one year forward from now? Were you especially aligned with your sustainability and financial targets? That’s now a reality with us. Track future development and return with analytics powered by AI.

The intelligent property

Innovations for results

We base our analysis models on insights from 4.5 million square meters of property space. By using artificial intelligence, we learn from history to create the right foundation for the future and drive developments in real estate technology.

Nästa generations kapacitet

Utvalda moduler i vår plattform Propmate.


Få anpassade rekommendationer på åtgärder för ytterligare energibesparingar.

Miljömärkning och Grön Finansiering

Uppfyll kriterier och öka fastighetsvärden med bättre finansiering.

Spotpris- och taxaoptimering

Använd resurser när det är som billigast.


Verklig uppföljning av investeringars effekt och ROI.


Verktyg utformade för verkställande nivå.

Konsekvent inomhusklimat

Klimatkontroll med temperatur-, CO2 och RF-övervakning.

10 innovations

Commercial innovation in the real estate industry

>4,500,000 m²

Property area analyzed for energy optimization

+30 years

Experience with energy savings in buildings

Vår vision

Vår vision är att skapa byggnader som inte bara huserar, utan också anpassar sig, lär sig och växer med oss. 

Vi vill bidra till en framtid där optimering av resurser är en naturlig och enkel process för alla organisationer som hanterar byggnader.

Affärsnyttan med Abentor


En plattform, flera lösningar. Vi minskar ditt beroende av flera aktörer med ett komplett system för resursoptimering.

Resultat i fokus

Att uppnå sina energi- och hållbarhetsmål är kärnan i den gröna omställningen. Vi gör vägen dit enklare med resultatorienterade verktyg.

Högsäkerhetsklassad mjukvara

Med en allt mer digital närvaro är det av högsta prioritet att skydda din data. Vi sätter alltid säkerheten i centrum.

Skalbart och digitalt

Våra lösningar tillhandahålls i en webbaserad plattform. Resultatet blir en tillgänglig och skalbar lösning.



Any questions? Dive into our FAQs for instant clarity, or reach
out for a personalized answer. Our team is just a message away!

Yes. Our digital advisory is designed to free you from mundane troubleshooting and repetitive tasks, unlocking more time to focus on impactful investments and efficiently address urgent issues.

Our customers typically experience 15%-75% in energy savings in the first
year of our collaboration, depending on the solution. The savings are based on energy optimization using AI and the impact of proposed investments from the digital advisor.

The majority of the buildings already have the technical prerequisites. Unlike many other energy management systems, we rely more on the art of engineering, resulting in fewer needed input parameters.

Our average Return On Investment for our digital advisor is less than a year. Proposed investments from the system have an average Return On Investment of 3-5 years.

Our mean timeframe is one week/building. However, everything depends on each building’s conditions and desired solution.

No, every opportunity our advisory finds is delivered as a decision proposal. However, for energy optimization using AI, the algorithm makes “decisions” to adjust energy usage in the building.

Customer security is our most fundamental concern. Therefore, we use the highest security- grade available for commercial use. Stay safe with end-to-end encryption through the entire infrastructure.

Our models combine data from a 4,5 million m² property area, advanced  thermodynamics, and high-definition key metrics from each building. When coupled with climate forecasts from SMHI and spot price indicators from Nordpool, we create our industry’s most capable and powerful AI for building performance.

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