Ground-breaking technology paves the way for reduced CO2 use from our buildings

With a combination of technological innovations, behavioral changes and sustainable strategies, we can make significant progress towards a more sustainable future. The real estate industry plays an important role in the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But what are the solutions that the real estate industry should implement to make a real difference?

More and more property owners strive to reduce their CO2 footprint and take responsibility for the environmental impact of their buildings. To achieve this, it will be important to have full control and monitor the properties’ emissions continuously to avoid unnecessary use of resources. But it is also a time-consuming process that requires a lot of resources.

Our platform Propmate automates sustainability work by giving property owners and managers the opportunity to follow up, control and forecast the property portfolio’s CO2 footprint in real time. By collecting real-time data from the buildings, Propmate can create a basis for further sustainability reporting. This saves a large amount of time because of automated working methods.

But it is not only the time saving that is the great benefit of Propmate, by automatically controlling the buildings towards set sustainability goals, decision makers can continuously monitor how sustainability investments and implemented AI control perform in real time. This means greater control over sustainability work and the ability to quickly adjust when necessary.

Another advantage is that the platform helps to identify areas where each individual building can be improved from a sustainability perspective. By identifying these areas, property owners can focus their investments and resources on the most effective actions (eg best return and greatest improvement in net operating income). This means that the sustainability work gets a greater impact and contributes to reducing the CO2 footprint to a greater extent.

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